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The Colony Cafe on Pico

Colony Café has been one of my most favorite discoveries in the past couple months.  I discovered it on a whim while craving a snack after shopping at the Westside Pavilion and was drawn to the Hampton’s-esque blue and white decor.  It has since become my number one go to locale on the weekend when I want the PERFECT turkey sandwich.  I don’t think I have mentioned yet that I am obsessed with a good turkey sandwich.  So far, Colony Café has been my favorite turkey sandwich that I have come across in West LA.

Whenever I eat at Colony Café I always get the roast turkey sandwich, which comes with swiss, cranberry jelly, avocado, red leaf lettuce, dijon on whole grain bread. I’m a sucker for a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and almost always order it whenever it is on the menu. As a sandwich lover I appreciate when every single ingredient is fresh and distinguishable from the other, as it is on this sandwich.  For the first time this weekend I was tempted to sway from my tried and true dish when I tasted my best friend Paige’s (who inspired me to start this blog) roast chicken Panini. She would like me to note for the record that when she offered me a bite I took 3 (but it was for the sake of research duh!)  Her roast chicken Panini almost just about trumped my turkey.  It consisted of the freshest ciabatta bread, avocado, roast red pepper, cheese and garlic aioli (I might be forgetting some ingredients since it was a special an not on their regular menu).  As for the extras, their potato chips are homemade and amazing and their cookies are the perfect blend of chewy and crispy. Their sugar cookie was a step up from your typical sugar cookie because it contained the perfect amount of sea salt that elevated it to that next level.

Special of the day or not, you are always in for a fresh and delicious meal at Colony Café.  Make sure to check out their iced tea if it’s a hot day as well! Colony Café, you get Two Forks Up from me!


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